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  • The rigid polyurethane system

    The rigid polyurethane system

  • Urea System

    Urea System

  • Buildable sandwich panels

    Buildable sandwich panels

The rigid polyurethane system has a lot more benefits than other insulators including outstanding insulation effects, self-adhesiveness, light weight, filling effects, simplicity, and diversity, and so on.
They are being used in a wide range of construction materials including 2-component adhesive and glass fiber for buildable sandwich panels, 1-component adhesive for honey combs, and electric refrigerator, cooling container, showcase, tank insulation, insulation double-tube, refrigerating warehouse, and low-temperature warehouse, and so on.
Furthermore, urea systems are used as an anti-corrosion material for flooring that requires waterproofing such as parking lots, swimming pools, and water purifiers, and a range of structures such as pipes inside buildings.