Urea resin
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Urea resin

It is a coat system where a high-pressure spray device is

used to distribute a coating material, and form a film.
It is used for waterproof and anti-corrosion systems for concrete structures, water and sewage pipes, steel structures, swimming pools, parking lots, various chemical tanks, pipes, drainage areas, and water filtration sites as well as flooring for drinking water facilities and refrigeration warehouses.
  • It is an ultra-high-speed hardening version of non-catalysts, which does not run down on slopes and vertical surfaces. It can reduce construction periods.
  • It is a 100% solid content with a low toxicity to the human body and the environment.
  • It is not easily influenced by water or temperature. It can be constructed in winter as well.
  • It has outstanding physical properties such as chemical resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance, cold tolerance, heat resistance, water resistance, durability, and weatherproofing.
  • It can be easily applied, and color and thickness of the coating layer can be easily changed.
  • It can be also mixed with glass fiber or felt to create a stronger coating layer.
  • It is highly adhesive on a range of materials.